Hi!  I’m Lauren, and I think opinions are almost as neat as candy.*

This blog will primarily cover politics, although I am a big science nerd.  I’m also an opera singer and all around music fan, so I may post about such things, too.

I do have a couple warnings for you.

1.  I fully embrace sarcasm, so if you see a post tagged “satire,” please don’t take it literally.

2.  I swear (sometimes quite creatively).  It’s not like I’m going to drop f-bombs in bolded 24 pt font, though.  You’re safe at work, but if you have particularly delicate sensibilities, this may not be the best site for you.

With that out of the way, I hope my rambles are at least somewhat interesting or insightful, and I look forward to reading your comments on what I have to say.

Thinking Liberally,



* I really like candy.


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